Benefits Of Immigration In Canada Essay

I decided to conduct this research after meeting many of my fellow co-workers who happened to be from my native homeland at my workplace (a call centre in Markham, Ontario) in the year 2005.

I was a freshly landed immigrant, happy to have secured a “transit” job.

(Knowles 2007) By the beginning of the 1980’s, Canada was considered one of the primary countries responsible for global brain drain.

Already in 1976, 59% of it’s approximately 150 000 immigrants were from developing countries in Asia, the West Indies and Africa.

Is Canada indeed gaining from these brains or are they simply brain drains for the sending country?

The myth of securing a white collar job in Canada is short lived by the reality of the Canadian job market or rather the Canadian immigration system.The demographic characteristics indicated a predominance of young adults whose intended occupations reflected their high levels of education.(Tanner, p.35) In an October 1999 speech, Elinor Caplan, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration at that time consciously said: “Our goal is to make Canada a place for brain gain, not brain drain.”(Tanner, p.39) The situation was alarming as studies showed that many of the well educated high-skilled immigrants from developing countries were working in low -salary jobs such as taxi-driving or marketers.Immigrants must be highly educated and have broad based skills.Prospective migrants are selected through a point system that targets people less than 45 years old.“A hundred years from now, I don’t suppose people will care all that much whether we legalised marijuana or not.But decisions about who you let into Canada will decide the kind of country we have 100 years from now on.” Richard Tait, chairman of Canadian Immigration and Population study, Green paper 1975.They were brought here to work and Canada was not about to coddle them.They toiled at back-breaking jobs ploughing farmland, laying railroad track, mining and cutting timber.Decades later, the situation is the same except that, I would say, immigrants are most welcomed now, particularly highly skilled ones.They come to Canada and the majority of them are still toiling at back-breaking jobs.


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