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While high school graduates can look forward to entry-level positions in non-skilled positions, graduates with a 4-year bachelor’s degree and even those with a 2-year associate degree, will qualify for a much greater range of higher paying entry- and upper-level career positions.Earn a master’s degree or Ph D and your career advancement opportunities are limitless.

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A college degree also leads to stronger job stability. Typically those at the bottom of the totem pole – positions requiring unskilled labor.

During an economic downturn, it’s not uncommon for employers to cut jobs. During a recession, the unemployment rate among college graduates is substantially lower than the unemployment rate among employees with only a high school diploma.

College graduates are typically more satisfied with their careers for a number of reasons. They’re able to get into positions with job advancement opportunities.

They’re able to get hired by employers that provide generous benefits.

The percentage of currently required postsecondary education for 2016, according to the BLS, is as follows: A projection by the BLS for the years of 2014-2024 suggest that jobs that require a postsecondary nondegree award will grow by 11.5%, bachelor’s degree by 8.2%, master’s degrees by 13.8%, and doctoral or professional degrees by 12.2%.

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So why do employers place such an emphasis on you earning your degree?For example, a bachelor’s degree holder that works in management or engineering can sometimes earn more than someone with a master’s degree who works in education or social work.Work experience also can impact annual salary and lifetime earnings.In addition to health care insurance, college graduates can look forward to better retirement matching, health savings accounts, tuition reimbursement, free childcare and reimbursement for travel and commuting costs. Not surprisingly, college graduates are typically more satisfied with their careers than individuals with a high school diploma – and since we spend almost our entire lives working, job satisfaction can be a large factor in our overall satisfaction with life and sense of well-being.In some instances, a benefits package can be worth almost as much as an employee’s take-home pay. Studies have also shown that as the level of education increase, so does job satisfaction.A 2008 report produced by College Board showed that roughly 70 percent of individuals with a four-year college degree received health insurance from their employer, while less than 50 percent of employees with only a high school diploma received the same benefit.Across the board, college graduates are able to find jobs with better benefits.Not surprisingly, most of these jobs also require a college degree.When considering the benefits of college, most people only consider the direct impact of a college degree on their own lives – but one of the more hidden benefits of college and earning a college degree is the positive impact it can have on the well-being of their families as well, especially their children.Does earning a college degree mean that you’re smarter?Well, that all depends on you – but in most cases, the answer is yes.


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