Ben Franklin Fart Essay

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"Hitler suffered from uncontrollable farting," Dawson says.

"By 1936, the cramps were so severe, he said that he could scream." So Hitler’s consulted Berlin doctor Theodor Morell, who prescribed Dr.

So Apries sent over another dude, a popular advisor named Patarbemis. Most of the dead were Jews killed as they trampled each other trying to escape the Temple, where they crowded when the Roman Army arrived.

According to Herodotus, Amasis honked his rectum and told Patarbemis to "carry that back to Apries." It's not known how exactly this message was relayed, but Apries responded by ordering the nose and ears lopped off his messenger. "This was the granddaddy of all fart destruction," Dawson says.

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the final line of Inferno chapter 21 reads: ed elli avea del cul fatto trombetta.

Translation: “And he used his butt as a trumpet.” In Chaucer’s “The Miller’s Tale,” the poor student, Nicholas, blows a bean before the parish clerk, Absalom.

“Strychnine and Atropene tends to make you very edgy and affects your sleep and emotional health,” says Dawson.

How large a part his fart treatments played in World War II and the Holocaust, we'll never know.

He who smelt it, they say, has most certainly dealt it.

"Farting is one of those unmentionables because it reminds people of our animal origins," says flatulence expert Jim Dawson, author of the books "It still has a certain shock value to it." You could fill a textbook with What You Don’t Know about Your Farts.


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