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The power of Beloved lies in Morrison's ability to create a compelling curiosity about the nature of Sethe's crime. Sethe secretly sews a "bedding dress" from pillow cases, a dresser scarf, and mosquito netting.Less a suspense novel than a treatise on acceptance and endurance, the work has struck an appreciative chord with a varied audience, including many noted authors who value the painful process of creating a guilt-ridden, near-crazed survivor. 1838 The Garners learn of the Bodwins' kindness toward ex-slaves. 1848 Sethe arrives at Sweet Home in Pulaski County, Kentucky to replace Baby Suggs, whose freedom Halle has purchased with voluntary weekend work. Saturday: Halle consummates his marriage to Sethe in the cornfield. Garner presents Sethe with crystal earrings as a wedding gift. (From the proceeds of the sale, she lives two years before summoning schoolteacher and his boys to help her run Sweet Home.) 1854 Beloved, Halle and Sethe's third child and first daughter, is born in November.Unlike authors that had gone before her and were her peers, she managed to push the boundaries of mainstream culture and African American culture as well as the concept of the role of femininity and mothering within both cultures as well.

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The following retelling of the plot restructures the events in approximate chronology, including certain historical events that support the plot. The Sweet Home slaves unsuccessfully try to escape.

Sethe is assaulted by the schoolteacher's nephews before she finally escapes slavery. Amy helps deliver Denver in a lean-to near the Ohio River. Ella leads them to 124 Bluestone Road, where Baby Suggs tends Sethe's mutilated body.

By identifying with the piercing eye and halting voice of a child-killer, Morrison performs what critic Claudia Tate calls "reclamation of slavery" through empathy with Sethe's will to endure and to love on her own terms. 1808 The Bodwin family moves from Bluestone Road to Court Street. 1835 Sethe is born to "Ma'am" in either Carolina or Louisiana. 1850 Baby Suggs finds out that Halle's new wife is about to give birth to their first child, Howard. 1855 Baby Suggs intuitively selects 1855 as the year that Halle died.

A Brief Chronology of the Events in Beloved Because Toni Morrison structures her narrative in circular form, events are revealed through the chance offerings of various speakers, usually long after the fact and out of time order. September 18: Congress passes a compromise bill containing a Fugitive Slave Law, intended to appease both slave and free states. A 20-year period of northern migration for runaway and newly emancipated blacks begins. The Society of Friends is at the height of its abolitionist drive.

With themes ranging from slavery to feminism and mothering, it offers critical commentary on the past as well as the place of the African American within modern society.

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Published in 1987, Morrison’s novel pushed the boundaries of established culture.1875 January: Denver, Beloved, and Sethe play and enjoy each other's company on the frozen creek.March: Sethe discovers the scar on Beloved's neck, which was created when Sethe killed her. A Friday in summer: Thirty women approach 124 Bluestone Road as Edwin Bodwin comes to fetch Denver to go to work.Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks?Beloved by Toni Morrison is undoubtedly one of the important texts of modern African American history, and it has got great concern to readers interested in that history.1860 January: Paul D takes a job with the Northpoint Bank and Railroad Company and departs Delaware. 1863 Nelson Lord ends Denver's school days by questioning her about Sethe's jail term.1864 Denver hears the crawling ghost on the stairs.Thursday: Beloved notices the orange patches on the quilt.Four weeks after Beloved's arrival: Beloved asks about Sethe's mother and about Sethe's "diamond earrings." Five weeks after Beloved's arrival: Paul D presses Beloved for personal information. Three weeks later: Paul D feels guilty about his infidelity.Thursday at a.m.: Paul D escorts Denver and Sethe to the carnival beside the lumberyard.Thursday afternoon, late: Beloved appears in the flesh, sitting on a stump outside Sethe's house. Monday: As Denver hovers, Beloved awakens in the keeping room.


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