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Individuals have different personal experiences when watching the television programs.There are those children who detach themselves from the screen and view the program critically while some of them get terrified from just watching the fictional demonic stories presented by the characters.Children have very limited experience which does not provide them with experience for references thus high incidental learning processes are encountered especially when the program they are watching promises them to have useful tools for their socialization process.

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When the child turns on the TV set, his/her mind is on entertainment and not on the learning aspect.

They are eager to laugh, watch an interesting and enjoyable story, watch one of their many favorite television performances, and pass time as they await their parent's to come home.

The conclusion was that those infants aged between 8 and 16 months were associated with strong lower scores on tests of language development due to the watching of too much television programs and DVD's/videos.

This theory was also used for those videos that were baby oriented and not for other (Schwartz, 2007).

There are several things that should linger in the minds of parents when they sit down with their family to watch a program.

Watching violent scenes in the television programs by youngsters makes them violent in nature.There are certain factors that are dependent on a child's incidental learning process and include: the ability of the child to learn, the needs that present themselves during the time they are watching the set, their familiarization with presented information on the screen, character identification degree on children, and how useful the information presented is to the child watching it.Research carried out have shown that children learning from moving TV objects is high when the information viewed looks real.Children get an implicit and or explicit style is advocated to their systems on how they are going to deal with conflicts as they arise.The child's environment, national and international events of the nation is given different interpretations with the aim of capturing their attention and interest.Dressing style, communication techniques, and behavior are some of the things that are starred up in the motion pictures and television among young viewers s (Bryant and Beth, 2009).Television is a very powerful media affecting the behavioral patterns of viewers including those who seek entertainment programs only.In 2007, a research conducted for children under the age of two in a Washington University on the effects brought about by the television and DVD/video viewing on their development of language.The research carried out was performed through the use of telephones and interviewing the parents of these children.In 1993, a research was conducted on the effects of Mozart which showed that listening to this kind of music produced an increase in spatial skills of reasoning in college students for approximately ten minutes.Authors of this research later complained that people misunderstood their research in popular cultures around the globe giving it an implication that it gave students a general increase in intelligence.


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