Automobile Dealership Business Plan

From small, mom-and-pop dealerships, to individuals who sell a handful of cars in private transactions per year, to automotive conglomerates such as Auto Nation and Penske Automotive that own well over 100 locations, auto dealers come in all shapes and sizes.If you’ve gotten a taste of the auto sales business by selling cars independently in the past or you’ve earned experience by working for a dealership, you may have developed an interest in establishing your own car dealership or already have one up and running.Even though franchised new-car dealerships sold a record-setting number of new cars and light trucks last year, new vehicle sales only account for 25.8 percent of automobile purchases in the United States.

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If there is not enough demand or if the market is already saturated with vehicles similar to the ones you intend to sell, you’ll need to search for another location and start your research again.

While many people want to collect cars, not everyone sees them as collectable assets.

Instead, entrepreneurs throughout the country see them as salable goods they can use to make money.

Almost every car lover hopes to have a big garage filled with the vehicles they love one day.

Whether you collect iconic muscle cars, vintage roadsters or classics from a single automaker, you may share the common dream of owning an expansive collection of your favorites.


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