Auto Dealership Business Plan

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This should be clear in the business plan, where funders look to see the feasibility of the company once it is launched.Earning customer trust is important because of the bad reputation, deserved or not, for car salespeople to try to take advantage of customers and because of the high amount of stress which the purchase of a large item like a car causes for buyers.

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An additional element to this is securing testimonial statements (either written or videotaped) from happy customers.

This requires having those happy customers in the first place, as customers can sense if the testimonials are canned and will mistrust even further.

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These are best ways to build that trust in your customers over time.

Referrals and Testimonials Running a dealership with a heavy focus on satisfied customers referring other potential customers can create positive word-of-mouth between contacts who already know and trust each other.

In general, the profitability of the company will depend upon its gross margin on the sale of the car.

At that point, fixed expenses such as the rental and payroll costs will be measured against the frequency of car sales and customer acquisition expenses.


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