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The concept of sequencing writing assignments also allows for a wide range of options in creating the assignment.

It is often beneficial to have students submit the components suggested below to your course’s STELLAR web site. In its simplest form, “sequencing an assignment” can mean establishing some sort of “official” check of the prewriting and drafting steps in the writing process.

The questions posed should require that students assert a thesis. Such a procedure has been proven to accomplish at least two goals: it improves the student’s writing and it discourages plagiarism. Does the assignment include so many sub-questions that students will be confused about the major issue they should examine? What is the purpose of the assignment (e.g., review knowledge already learned, find additional information, synthesize research, examine a new hypothesis)?

The following areas should help you create effective writing assignments. How exactly does this assignment fit with the objectives of your course? Should this assignment relate only to the class and the texts for the class, or should it also relate to the world beyond the classroom? What do you want the students to learn or experience from this writing assignment? Should this assignment be an individual or a collaborative effort? What do you want students to show you in this assignment? Can you give more guidance about what the paper’s main focus should be? Making the purpose(s) of the assignment explicit helps students write the kind of paper you want. What is the required form (e.g., expository essay, lab report, memo, business report)? What mode is required for the assignment (e.g., description, narration, analysis, persuasion, a combination of two or more of these)? Can you define a hypothetical audience to help students determine which concepts to define and explain? What is the probable educational and economic background of the intended readers? Can you make explicit what persona you wish the students to assume?

These instructions might make explicit the process or steps necessary to complete the assignment.

Assignment sheets should detail: Providing questions or needed data in the assignment helps students get started.

Or it might be something more formal such as collecting the prewriting and giving a few suggestions and comments. You might ask students to submit a first draft in order to receive your quick responses to its content, or have them submit written questions about the content and scope of their projects after they have completed their first draft. Set up small writing groups of three-five students from the class.

Allow them to meet for a few minutes in class or have them arrange a meeting outside of class to comment constructively on each other’s drafts.

Instructions for accessing both downloads are at the bottom of the page.

A common question from new Wunder Keys parents is Our spring-themed lesson assignment sheets can be used to provide some friendly and simple structure to your piano students’ home practice, regardless of method book you are using.


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