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Otherwise, you will never adapt well enough to see a project through to fruition.

A loner or someone who feels most comfortable among a tight group of friends isn't suited for an overseas post.

It takes more than technical expertise to succeed abroad.

Being chosen by your company to handle an overseas assignment can be an exciting, rewarding experience.

People who believe things happen to them because of luck or fate won't easily adjust to a new environment.

They will feel helpless and will take the attitude that "it's out of my hands." You must be willing to consider and respond to ideas and opinions that conflict with your own.Yet his participatory approach and outward uncertainty caused the Indonesians to lose confidence in him quickly. Tucker, president of Tucker International in Boulder, Colorado. The other problem emerges when a company is unable to recognize its mistake."This was a case of someone who was sent overseas based on the job's requirements, not on his ability to adapt to a Third World factory environment." To help employees and their companies determine who is best suited for temporary overseas positions, Mr. Instead of recalling the manager from a bad assignment, the firm often allows the executive to serve out his assignment even though he is ineffective. Before accepting an overseas transfer, or beginning a job search aimed at employment abroad, examine the following predictors of success developed by Mr. Perhaps you're better suited for a post in New York than New Delhi.Are you capable and willing to endure the unfamiliar?"This predictor concerns living conditions and surroundings and your ability to leave the GPS – among other luxuries – at home," says Mr. "The foreign city may be more crowded, hotter, colder or less developed than what you and your family can endure happily.Expatriates swap horror stories about talented American managers being groomed for the top who fail miserably in unfamiliar settings.Yet in many of these cases, it wasn't the executives' fault. aircraft maintenance company is a good example of a bad match.Tucker, an industrial psychologist, has developed what he calls the "14 predictors of success on foreign assignment." Each predictor covers an area where a manager's personality can make the difference between success and failure. "Although the dollar loss incurred by (poorly chosen U. managers working abroad) is hidden, the detriment to the efficiency of overseas operations, as well as the personal anguish suffered by the employees and their families, makes this a very serious problem," says Mr. What do you expect life and work to be like in the new location?"Many companies mistakenly select people to go overseas using the same criteria they would use for domestic positions, instead of using a systematic approach to find out who will do well in a certain country and who won't," says Mr. For example, an aggressive manager may succeed in Germany, where business assertiveness is valued, but he will find great resistance among fellow managers in Mexico or China, where personal relationships are developed before business is discussed, Mr. What are the likely difficulties and possible benefits?You must be able to socialize comfortably with new people in a new place, and be able to move quickly from one social situation to another. But someone who takes things lightly and can inject humor into a difficult situation can ease tension and will facilitate further communication," he says.Self-starters tend to accomplish goals and establish friendships quickly and with great ease. A people person who is genuinely interested in others will have a great advantage in adjusting to a new culture.


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