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There many similarities and differences between both the Darfur genocide and the holocaust.

Armenia soil is very well adapted to growing a variety of plants.

Spices, fruits and many varieties of vegetables are grown though out the country with each region specializing in their own variations. Throughout their history, Armenia has come to know numerous cultures.

Such people as Greeks, Romans, Persians, Byzantines, Mongols, Arabs, Turks and Russians have conquered them and each leaving their mark. Once a republic of the former USSR, Armenia now celebrates being a separate state. During the 4th century, Armenians where converted to Christianity. Surrounded by Muslims countries, Armenia boasts to be the first state to adopt Christianity as a state religion and the Armenian Church being the oldest of the Christian faith.

Instead of the government directly killing innocent non-Arab civilians they chose the Janjaweed to do it.

This way the Sudanese could deny direct military involvement in the genocide.


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