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For the purpose of this paper, abortion will be defined as the deliberate termination of human pregnancy.It Is my opinion that abortion, completed early enough in a pregnancy, Is not an unethical act and should not be considered to be a decision that Is immoral.This means that if an abortion is performed early enough in the process of development, it does not go against a fundamental human right.

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My argument Is based on Ideas that are rooted In both utilitarian and deontological ethics as I will show throughout the essay.

One of the few religions to condone acts of abortion is Hinduism.

The religious traditions that all outline different opinions of abortion differ too much and too frequently to successfully establish abortion as wrong.

By Rob Schwarzwalder Senior Vice-President CATHY CLEAVER RUSE is Senior Fellow for Legal Studies at Family Research Council. He formerly served as a presidential appointee at the U. Previously, he was chief of staff to two Members of Congress.

In Christianity, the belief is that a life starts at the moment of conception and because of that, abortion isn’t condoned under any circumstances (English, 1975).

Judaism however, condones abortion when the health of the mother is threatened by the fetus.I believe this is important because although Hinduism isn’t “pro-choice”, like many democratic liberals In our country, It still allows for abortion to be an acceptable option in circumstances where not performing the procedure would cause more harm than he abortion itself.Another argument that surrounds the discussion of whether abortion is right or wrong is in regards to cases where the unborn fetus is known to have some kind of disability.This Is a very utilitarian way of looking at abortion because It looks at the decision and determines which choice will cause the least amount of harm to he mother, father, fetus, and society (BBC, 2013).Traditionally in Hindu culture, when considering circumstances where abortion is a possible solution to a problem, it is usually found that the procedure Is not the appropriate response to the situation and aborting the baby would have negative social and spiritual consequences.It is my belief that the concept of self-defense can be extended to issues relating to a mother’s ability to sustain her in society, which a baby can have a large impact on.If a baby poses a threat not only to the health of a mother but to her evildoer, then the mother is has a right to decide if she will keep the baby.A common pro-choice argument is that the mother of a baby has a right to defend herself against personal threats (Thomson, 1971).This is generally thought of when there are circumstances where the fetus is causing a threat to the mother’s physical health.I think that this decision is warranted because if the mother cannot sustain herself, then she will be unable to provide for the child in a way that would be beneficial to its own future and we unfortunately live in a world where there are already too many children that aren’t being well taken care of.As Vive outlined above, it is my belief that abortion is not immoral for many reasons.


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