Argumentative Essay About Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment as executed by methods such as the lethal injection is not only radically cheaper but it also spares the state of the resources it would have utilized to ensure that the prisoner is maintained for a lifetime.

While most of the opponents of the death penalty point to its execution being inhumane and hence torturous to the victim, a report on “lethal injection” indicates that not only is the lethal injection method (which is greatly favored by most states) almost entirely painless but the method presents a great advancement from past methods such as hanging and the use of the gas chamber.

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The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the society’s members.

While some people do contend that the death penalty should never be imposed on anyone, regardless of their crimes, it can be authoritatively stated from the above discussions that capital punishment does serve a significant role in the society and as such, it’s use should be perpetuated albeit with a lot of caution so as to avoid subjecting innocent parties to this ultimate form of punishment.

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However, not all people believe that the death sentence is justifiable notwithstanding the brutality of the crime that a person may have perpetrated.

This paper argues that the death penalty is not only necessary but also the most efficient means for deterring future offenders.

It is legal in many states as a punishment for serious crimes, but that does not make it right.

Capital punishment should be stopped because it is morally wrong, expensive, and such a slow process. When we use the death penalty, we are following the criminals’ example by doing something equally as bad ourselves. There is also a chance that a mistake will be made, and the wrong person will be put to death. Another problem with capital punishment is the high cost.


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