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The idea of the pipeline is to stagger this cycle into three or more hardware processing paths within the CPU called a 'pipeline'.

I have been looking at java, c and c# but I cannot make a choice So, what sorts of things can you do for the COMP4, I'm only in yr 12 at the moment, but thought I'd start thinking about it.

Like can I make a game, or a phone app, or a website, or just a program, and roughly how many lines of code are needed???

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Simple assessment, with all examination papers externally Exemplar Candidate Work - OCR File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat OCR 2011. AS/A Level GCE - Computer Science - H046, H446 (from 2015) - OCR Why choose OCR Computer Science?

After the summer I will also start my comp4 project, But I have no idea what language to use.

I have used python last year but want to move away from it and use something that is way better at creating Gui's or web-interfaces.

I found two from my old college's Moodle: This one got an A, and this one got a C.

I found two from my old college's Moodle: This one got an A, and this one got a C. Looking back retrospectively, I would have given myself ~60 for this - maybe less.

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