Appendix E Thesis

Appendix E Thesis-34
2000-2001 2001 -2002 2002-2003 Accepted Enrolled 15. leading laboratory sections of undergraduate or graduate courses f. tutoring undergraduates If you have had teaching experience, please answer the following, h. What percentage of the doctoral students in your program have individually assigned workspaces for their exclusive use? On average, how many courses per term is each graduate teaching assistant in the program expected to teach or assist a faculty member in teaching? Please indicate the doctoral program to which the following information applies 1. address of the program respondent who will serve as the primary contact with the graduate oro cram. Percentage of doctoral students with master's degree Program Information 5. (Note: Years span from July ~ to June 30) 2001-02 2000-01 1999-00 1998-99 1997-98- 7. Do you have one or more faculty members at your institution that you consider mentors (i.e., individuals from whom you seek advice about your education, career development, and other matters of concern to you as a graduate student)? How would you rate the quality of teaching by faculty in your program? How would you rate the quality of your research experience?

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For each individual identified in questions 2 and 3, please provide in a file sent by emai! (Note: Years span from July 1 to June 30) Entering Number Student of Academic Entering Year Cohort Doctoral Students 1992 1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 Number of Students admitted to candidacy by the end of the 4th year of enrollment Of those admitted to candidacy, number who complete within 4 years Of those admitted to candidacy, number who complete within 6 years Of those admitted to candidacy, number who complete within 8 years Of those admitted to candidacy, how many are still enrolled after 8 years? (Note: the median time is the number of years it takes half of the number of students from the same entering year who are admitted to candidacy to complete their degree.) 8. Do you have access to career advice covering a variety of employment sectors?

to rdpilot~)nas.~du the information displayed in the table for the question. Is a master's degree required of students prior to admission to your program? What proportion of your full-time first-year doctoral students receive full support throughout their first year (tuition and an adequate living allowance provided as stipend or salary in program related work (TA or RA)? How many years of full financial support could students entering your doctoral program expect to receive from your institution or an external source? Over the past five years approximately what fraction of the first-year students in your program received financial support either from your institution or from extramural grants or fellowships?

~ Yes :] No The program provides some form of travel support for doctoral students to attend professional meetings. There is an organized program to help doctoral students improve their teaching skills. The program provides organized assistance to help doctoral students explore employment opportunities. List up to 5 institutions with which your program normally competes for graduate students: Institution # 1 Institution #2- Institution #3 Institution #4 Institution #5 1 9.

Does your program collect data about employment outcomes for your graduates?

i ile for only those doctoral programs that are offered at your institution. How would you rate the overall quality of your program _ ~ O ~ Fair ~ Poor ~ , , ~ ~ Excellent ~ Good ' ' ~ ~ ~ Lair ~ Poor 9.

Appendix E Thesis

107 APPENDIX D Program #3 108 Program Research space NASF Shared space with other programs (Y/N) Program #1 Pro cram #2 APPENDIX D Background Information Program Questionnaire This information will enable the National Research Council to contact you if there are any questions about the data. How would YOU rate the intellectual liveliness of your pro cram? Considering the overall intellectual environment of your university, how much do you fee! ~ A lot ~ Some APPENDIX D , — - - ~ o n Fair n Poor ~ A little ~ Not at all APPENDIX D C. ~ Yes ~ No If yes, do you provide potential applicants with this information? Please list those interdisciplinary centers in which doctoral students from your program participate (conduct research or teach). Of the following sources of support, which have been your primary sources during your doctoral studies? ~3 114 Faculty Questionnaire This questionnaire is part of the National Research Council's Pilot Test of the Assessment of Research Doctoral Programs. Employment: Industry ~ Government ~ Nonprofit ~ University 2-yr. The appendix is a section that is placed at the end of the thesis and may contain material such as tables, figures, maps, photographs, raw data, computer programs, musical examples, interview questions, sample questionnaires, CDs, and many other types of material.As part of the thesis, any appendix materials must be reviewed and approved by the director of research and committee.Please use the same definitions for NASF and research space that are used in the NSF Survey of Scientific and Engineering Research Facilities. See "Taxonomy] for a list of the program i Eelds in the study, and provide the information in the Emai! Refer to either the Sample (Straight Numbering) or Sample (Decimal Numbering) pages as you read through this section.Note: For the Appendices, you should use the same numbering style you chose for the Main Text.Appendix D Sample Questionnaires {These questionnaires are subject to further review and revision.) 1. What is the average size of your professional library staff in total FTEs? If available, what is the level of institutional support? If not, does the institution provide a listing of childcare providers to graduate students? Is university-subsidized student housing available to doctoral students? How many research publications have you authored or co-authored during your cloctoral studies (include pieces accepted for publication but not yet published)? Questionnaire for Acimittecl-to-Cancliclacy Doctoral Students b. Questionnaire for Program Gracluates 105 106 Institutional Questionnaire To the institutional coordinator: This questionnaire is intended to collect data about university-provided resources that are available to all doctoral programs. Your answers will be treated as completely confidential by the National Research Council and will only be released as part of a statistical analysis.


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