Ap Us History Dbq Essay 2005

Ap Us History Dbq Essay 2005-5
The student does not merely summarize the document but engages with it and uses it to bolster their argument.On the other hand, graders will not award you a point if you string together facts, without explicitly relating them back to your thesis.As a result, we are left not knowing how the writer intends to mobilize the documents to make their point.

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What is the main point you are trying to get across in the essay?

AP graders want you to clearly state a thesis statement in either your introduction or conclusion.

In Document 7 this picture relates to women being able to have full control over their bodies.

They believe they should be able to choose if they want to keep a baby or not, this also talks about a woman’s right to birth control.”While the facts here are relevant to the question, the writer does not explicitly address how they come to bear on the thesis.

Instead of only listing a string of facts and documents from memory, they want you to talk about how each piece of evidence either contradicts, corroborates, or qualifies your main thesis.

Let us take a look at a couple of good and bad ways of developing arguments in the 2016 DBQ.

Be aware that resources from before the 2014-2015 school year detail an old AP U. So, if you receive a point for sourcing documents in a particular sentence, you cannot also receive points for your thesis in the same sentence.

We will go through the specifics of how you can get each of these seven points in a bit, but first, let us consider the DBQ prompt for the 2016 AP U. History Exam, so you can see examples of how real DBQ responses were scored based on these seven criteria.

Historical documents are often rife with disagreements, providing an easy way to develop your arguments and get full credit for “Argument Development” on the AP exam.

“Although the women’s rights movement grew out of many factors, government support was a key factor in changing public beliefs about women’s roles.


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