Ap Central Synthesis Essay Rubric

Ap Central Synthesis Essay Rubric-18
By doing this you will form a thesis statement and show that you can prove a point.

A student who does this synthesis poorly is one that says, “The evidence suggests that while television may have initially made people interested in politics, the effect is wearing off.” The student does not cite this source, showing a lack in proficiency. The third component of the synthesis essay rubric covers the effectiveness of the student’s argument.

There are multiple ways that you can have an effective argument; however, ones that the College Board focuses on are use of rhetorical devices.

The AP English Language synthesis essay rubric also includes your ability to synthesize the information that you are given.

The student must bring together at least three sources and his or her argument in order to receive a high score.

This is not an arguable statement; therefore, there is no stance taken here.

By doing this, the highest score that you will be able to earn is a 2.

The AP English Language synthesis rubric is a nine point system which determines your score on the synthesis essay.

A nine is the highest score and a zero is the lowest score.

This is effective in showing the examiners that the student knows how to properly synthesize his or her arguments.

This student effectively brings together his or her ideas and the ideas expressed in the source by taking small quotes and paraphrasing.


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