Antigone Individual Vs State Essay

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He says: "Nations belong to the men with the men with power.

That's common knowledge."- Pg.50 lines 888-9 He assumes that he is always correct and is inflexible.

He does not listen to other people's suggestions even if they are right. "-Pg.50 line 875 This is very dangerous because it can bring forth a corrupted government where king is the only man who has the power.

Nations should belong to the citizens, not the king.

The chorus introduces Creon in this manner as well: “That gray-haired, powerfully built man sitting lost in thought, with his little page at his side, is Creon, the King. He would while away whole afternoons in the antique shops of this city of Thebes.” Where Creon was an unrelenting leader at the will of the God’s fate for him in Sophocles’ Antigone, he is merely perpetuating the status quo for the sake of leadership in Anouilh’s version.

Specifically different is that Creon is seen as a servant of the state (an object of his reality whose fate is determined by the society) in Anouilh’s version, rather than a master of the state (a subject of his reality though an object of divine fate) in Sophocles version.

Moral and Political Law in Sophocles' Antigone In Sophocles' play Antigone, the tragedy is brought by the conflict between the moral laws and manmade political laws.

Neither Kreon nor Antigone is clearly "right" or "wrong". The moral laws are essential to keep faith in one's heart and have strength in oneself.

This excessive pride of him blinds him the truth, and it is too late when he realizes his mistake.

I knew nothing of the resistance movement during the war” –Anouillh A simple google search of “Antigone” reveals the continued relevancy of the play.


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