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Therefore, they share the same fate due to their common blood. Retrieved online: is the last play in the Oedipus cycle written by Sophocles.The outcome of the Antigone play has an influence on Oedipus and vice-versa. In the play, Antigone, the Oedipus's sister-daughter challenges her uncle, Creon, who has ascended the Theban throne after he brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, are killed in battle.In her arms, Antigone superstitiously invests the Nurse with the power to ward off evil and keep her safe.

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The Chorus frames the play with a prologue and epilogue, introducing the action and characters under the sign of fatality.

In presenting the tragedy, the Chorus instructs the audience on proper spectatorship, reappearing at the tragedy's pivotal moments to comment on the action or the nature of tragedy itself.

Where Joseph traces the specific Antigone references in Eliot's fiction - especially in conclusions.

Where Hegel famously cites the figure of Antigone as the archetypal representative of the familial sphere (with Creon operating as the exemplum of the political),' Butler argues instead that Antigone is anything but a paragon of normative familiality 'steeped as she is in incestuous legacies that confound her position within kinship' (2).

838); indeed, Eliot's reconfigured Antigone is a heroine who challenges and confounds the conventional assumptions of kinship and gender iterated within the Hegelian philosophical system.

Rather than perpetuating the traditional division between the sexes where the man operates in the political sphere and the woman functions primarily in the domestic, Eliot's characters serve as examples of the constitutive relationality between the political and the familial and between the genders.

Along with playing narrator, the Chorus also attempts to intercede throughout the play, whether on the behalf of the Theban people or the horrified spectators. Jonas - The three Guardsmen are interpolations into the Antigone legend, doubles for the rank-and-file fascist collaborators or collabos of Anouilh's day.

The card-playing trio, made all the more mindless and indistinguishable in being grouped in three, emerges from a long stage tradition of the dull-witted police officer.

Fussy, affectionate, and reassuring, she suffers no drama or tragedy but exists in the day-to-day tasks of caring for the two sisters.

Her comforting presence returns Antigone to her girlhood.


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