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The person can only be ranked as the best of all the rest at this point if his or her results are positive.

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According to Penrod he dismisses this claim basing his argument on the fact that there are several other aspects to be viewed before and individual is termed to be better than the rest in the society.

It is not only the education level that is used to categories individuals if they are better than the rest in the society but a combination of various factors.

I agree with Penrod that the success of celebrities is partly responsible for anti intellectual since most of the popular celebrities especially those that practice different sport and music have very little education that they might have acquired from school.

However, these celebrities are far much better in their lifestyle as compared to scholar who have gone to school and are still involving their entire life with reading more books.

This is majorly because they are able to live comfortable life and earn a living from their talents. This according to the celebrities does not require any straining reading from the books but hard work, persistence and focus.

For example, for an individual to be able to play a certain type of sport, such as basketball, very little education is needed.

As Penrod writes, “the fact that such a vital public figure [President Bush] can get away with saying things like ‘It’s clearly a budget.

It’s got a lot of numbers in it,’ and ‘There needs to be a wholesale effort against racial profiling, which is illiterate children’ reflects rather poorly on the regard on which most Americans hold intelligence.” (693) This leads young students to ponder such detrimental questions such as, “if Christina Aguilera can be rich and famous without finishing high school, why can’t I?

Grant Penrod’s essay “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids” takes the reader on a psychological journey towards understanding society’s deep-seated distaste of smart kids or “nerds.” According to Penrod, this dislike comes from society’s celebration and appreciation for celebrities and figure heads who lack a college or a high school diploma.

Famous faces such as Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, L. Cool J., Sammy Sosa, and even President Bush have become very publically successful despite their arguable lack of intelligence.


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