This lesson plan will benefit teachers seeking essay topics to assign students after watching the movie or reading the novel Life of Pi.These essay topics will cover this work's use of religion as a theme and can be used with secondary students.

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Life of Pi explores these questions in the tale of a devoutly religious Indian boy nicknamed Pi who becomes stranded on a lifeboat with an unrestrained 450-pound Bengal tiger as his only companion.

It won both the 2002 Man Booker Prize and the 2001 Hugh Mac Lennan Prize for Fiction and has sold over one million copies worldwide.

The gradual development in the relationship between Richard Parker and Pi implies the most noteworthy themes of the novel.

In the beginning, when Pi realizes himself and the Bengal tiger are stranded in the ocean, he feels enormous fear towards Richard Parker.

Pi is also a Muslim, Christian, and Hindu and comes to believe in the tenants of all three religions devoutly through the lessons taught to him by supporting characters throughout the novel.

Pi also endures much suffering throughout the novel that seems to never cease in either of the two versions of the events told during his time in a lifeboat.

Yann Martel's novel, The Life of Pi, tells the story of a man with many strong held beliefs.

Pi is a student of zoology and strongly believes in the animal world and nature.

The novel, published in the United States by Harvest/Harcourt, is a unique blend of religious exploration, practical zookeeping advice, meditation on the nature of truth, and shipwreck survival tale.

Pi draws upon his knowledge of wild animal training—his father was a zookeeper back in India—to establish an uneasy peace between himself and the tiger, which he sees as his only possibility for survival.


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