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Joyce created much darkness in the setting of “Araby.” This darkness represents how the boy feels about his own life.

Even as he plays outside with his friends, the boy remarks, “When we met in the street the houses had grown somber.

He entered to find almost all of the stalls closed and “the greater part of the hall in darkness.” He approached a stall being tended by a young woman who was flirting with two men.

Out of duty, the woman asked if he needed anything, and the young boy said “No, Thank you.” Right at the very end of the story, Joyce uses the image of the hall becoming completely dark to signify the boy’s lack of success.

As he looks for something to buy his friend's sister, he overhears a banal young salesgirl flirt with two young men.

When the disinterested salesgirl asks him if he needs help, he declines, and he walks through the dark, empty halls, disillusioned with himself and the world around him.Joyce uses darkness to make the boy's reality more believable through very vivid, precise descriptions.By contrast, when the boy thinks of or talks to the girl, the object of his affections, Joyce uses light to create a fairy tale world of dreams and illusions.As the third story, “Araby” is often viewed as an important step between the first two stories—“The Sisters” and “An Encounter”—and the rest of the collection.Plot and Major Characters The narrator of “Araby” is a young boy living with his aunt and uncle in a dark, untidy home in Dublin that was once the residence of a priest, now deceased.James Joyce's Araby The story “Araby,” by James Joyce, shows how people often expect more than that which ordinary reality can provide and consequently feel disappointed when they do not receive what they expect.Another fascinating piece of literature is the poetry collection The Black Riders and Other Lines by Stephen Crane.The space of sky above us was the colour of ever-changing violet and towards it the lamps of the street lifted their feeble lanterns.” In this quote, even the lanterns can’t add lightness to the boy’s situation.The boy is young and naive and he feels that he leads a dull and boring life.He lives on a dead end street with his aunt and uncle in the Irish city of Dublin.The author is constantly using imagery to convey how mundane the young boy’s life is, and how dark it is living in Dublin.


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