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Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is a motivated, Neo-Nazi and a white supremacist living in Venice Beach, CA.He goes to prison for brutally murdering a black car thief.

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It’s probably one of the best films that depict the Neo Nazi plague on American culture.

The film takes place from the mid to late 1990’s during the Internet boom, and touches on subjects from affirmative action to Rodney King.

Then we see Danny (Edward Furlong), who is Derek’s younger brother; walk outside to witness the cops taking Derek away.

In this scene we learn about the views of the Vinyard house hold and this night basically shapes who Danny becomes in the future, since he wants to make his older brother proud.

Director Tony Kaye portrays the neo-Nazi culture of America; their beliefs, reasons, and assumptions on others.

American History X thoroughly exposes America as what it is today.

I have seen and been through everything possible; in high school our lunch room was divided between races, friends being beat up because of being in the wrong neighborhood, I could go on and on.

With that stated, I believe I have the credibility to state that the situations that occurred in American History X are true and relevant today.

America has come a long way with how people are treated as opposed to how things use to be not so long ago.

In the film American History X (1998) we see how some parts of America were not adjusting to change in their towns which resulted in violent outbreaks and many deaths.


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