American Dream Synthesis Essay

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Moreover, the notion of the American dream is no longer linked geographically to the USA as other countries like Canada and Denmark offer more favorable conditions to reach this goal.

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If there are no such aspects that you can use for your essay, try searching one that will make you feel willing to explore it further.

In case you don’t feel like being excited about writing anything dedicated to the American dream, try searching for a point of view that at least does not leave you indifferent.

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Let’s see how you should act to choose the most interesting and attractive topic for such an interesting research paper.

The goal of a synthesis essay is in finding a connection between parts of a certain piece of information or between several pieces of information.When choosing a topic about the American dream, make sure that you have no less than three reference sources and, probably, one or two more for deeper exploration of the subject.It’s a very important aspect that can cut short a lot of nice synthesis essay topic ideas.Your topic should be wide enough to connect several related sources of information regarding the American dream, but not so wide that it can embrace sources that have nothing in common.If you look through several related sources, they can help you come up with a nice topic of your own.According to the survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute, 7 percent of all Americans state that the American dream was never true, whereas impressive 48 percent say it once was true but does not exist anymore (PRRI 2014 American Values Survey, p.12).This poll shows that people realize it takes more than hard work to be successful in life.Americans were raised to believe that hard work and effort secure their future of financially successful and socially established people.However, the entrenched belief in the American dream has been undermined in recent years, so it is logical that Americans begin to doubt the idea of a treasured meritocracy.The research done by Raj Chetty, the Professor of Economics at Stanford, indicates that children’s income in adulthood depends greatly on the social and financial status of their parents, the neighborhood in which they grow up, and area segregation (Chetty, p.39-40). Thus, the American dream is no longer a matter of your personal craving for better life and assiduous work.


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