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Though psychology teacher Alice Mc Craley does not recommend studying too late into the night, she does say that going to bed after studying gives the student the ability to better process and absorb the material they just learned.

According to Mc Craley, if one studies in the morning, retroactive interference—when new information and distractions make it difficult to recall material previously learned—may occur, and all the information that was previously memorized or learned will be forgotten.

With over 7 million applicants, the Enem is the world’s second-largest higher education admissions exam, only behind China’s Gao Kao.

The test takes a total of two days, administered in two blocks of roughly five hours, including 180 questions and an essay-writing section.

In Santarém, Carla attended the “Viradão do Enem”, or the Big Enem All-Nighter, at which students spent a whopping 24 hours revising material for Sunday’s test.

With lectures on over a dozen different subjects, the organizers hosted live music events, dance displays, and other entertainment to keep the kids awake.Since 1998, the Enem has been used to measure the quality of high-school education in Brazil.In 2009, then-Minister of Education Fernando Haddad (and defeated presidential candidate in October’s elections) implemented a change to the test, making it the principal entrance exam for Brazil’s public and free universities.The yearly essay question is seen as a photograph of the country’s social issues, as test-makers intend to pick a dissertation topic which represents the current moment of Brazil.There was an expectation that this year’s essay question would touch on the phenomenon of fake news, in the wake of the rise of the concept worldwide and the overbearing presence of false information in this year’s presidential elections.Instead, the learning done before bed will not be affected by retroactive interference, and so the studying will actually be effective.Studying through the night might not work for everyone, but it will benefit the largest number of students.This increased level of melatonin, according to the National Sleep Foundation, will cause sleepiness, so at that time, anyone trying to study in the morning will have trouble focus on the material or will simply fall back asleep.Studying at night may also be more beneficial because night-studying will result in more retained information than studying in the morning.According to the coordinators, the intervals also serve to help the students relax during what is the most stressful period of many Brazilians’ school lives.“The idea of the Big All-Nighter is to break that pre-Enem tension and leave the kids more relaxed,” said organizer Rosineide Damasceno.


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