Aboriginal Australian Culture Essay

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This is a community surrounded by tragedy and hard social problems.

This is a community with deep concerns about the impact of mining on sacred sites, about access to education, feelings of being disenfranchised and the stresses of having very little money to survive on.

Land sustains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lives in every aspect - spiritually, physically, socially and culturally.

The notion of landscape as a second skin is central to a lot of Aboriginal Art, whether it be theatre, dance, music or painting.“Caring for country” means participating in interrelated activities on Aboriginal lands and seas with the objective of promoting ecological, spiritual and human health.

Or maybe it is the happiness that gives a person a more generous spirit, a larger heart.

How do you take the pain of the past, whatever your background, and make it something that doesn’t cripple you?

How do you stop it from being a barrier to happiness? But I wonder what can be learnt about true happiness from the Aboriginal women on the outstation who can illuminate the world of the rest of us. They look to the land and sea around them and see additional sources of food.

The first lesson from my friends around the campfire is the way they look at the world around them. They look at the people who make up their family and community and they see the blessings in what they do have.

Life is supplemented with bush tucker and everyone works together and shares what they have. But there is also something else that is perhaps even more surprising.

As I sat around the campfire in the evening, what rose up into the night sky amid the smoke was laughter.


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