A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Essay

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Essay-22
One might be able to form an image of its taste and smell.By forming an image of the experience, human is able to generalize and recall it in a new scenario.

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The picture I chose to analyze through various lenses was taken during a very important time that shall be embedded in world history until the end of time.

This picture is a reflection and provides insight as to what black South-Africans endured from 1948 to 1991(Staff, 2010).

It provides a different approach in representing and computing.

However, images are limited to only storing limited information and are not efficient in representing abstract ideas.

Images help us identify objects and its characteristics.

We retrieve images from our memory when the information to be...Image provides another way of representing information.Instead of representation through words, image provides a mental representation of an experience.With its vast abilities, imagery, especially visual mental imagery, is vital to human intelligence.It is a good complement with other mind based system to enhance human intelligence.This photo can be examined and debriefed through three different social sciences, anthropology, sociology and psychology.Using anthropology, the time era will be examined, what exactly was happening in south Africa.These systems are used to represent our knowledge in different symbols and representation and allow us to easily apply it in new scenarios.Therefore, without the ability to generalize patterns and recall knowledge from our memory, we will never be able to link our knowledge to specific situations and hence we will unable to build on human intelligence.The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is often used to describe how powerful an image is in terms of its capturing power.Images are used by human in a lot of different ways. Aside from capturing information, it is also used to compute, compare and recall.


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