A Modern Day Fairy Tale Essay

A Modern Day Fairy Tale Essay-53
In the meantime, he goes to the grandmother’s house and gains entry by pretending to be the girl.He swallows the grandmother whole, and waits for the girl disguised as the grandmother.is the story of a young earl being transformed into a beast and his servants to household items for his selfishness in rejecting an old beggar shelter for the night.

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(2011) tells the tale in an alternative way with the darker side of the tale being looked into.

It is the tale of adultery, revenge and love with elements of self-sacrifice by Peter, the love interest of Valerie (Little Red).

After days of searching they come across a house made entirely from gingerbread and cakes.

Hungry and tired the children begin eating the roof, the door opens and an old woman lures them inside with the promise of soft beds and all the food they can eat.

The 2012 film added a new element to the already fruitful tale with the Huntsman being bargained into returning Snow White to the Evil Queen on the promise that she (The Evil Queen) will bring his wife back from the dead, and upon realizing that this was an empty promise decides to become Snow’s mentor in teaching her how to strike against the Evil Queen.

The moral of the story hasn’t changed over time: good will win in the end over evil, however the character of Snow White has changed from the hapless girl to the empowered female, flowing with the times and the audience.

The moral of this story being ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover’ as the old beggar was in-fact an old witch and obviously the Beast was actually an earl.

But these tales are more recently becoming something for adults with a child at heart to indulge in.

When a famine settles over the land, the woodcutter’s abusive second wife takes the children into the wood and leaves them alone so that she and her husband won’t starve to death because the children eat too much.

The woodcutter reluctantly agrees to the plan but Hansel and Gretel overhear their scheme and Hansel sneaks out to find as many white pebbles as he can so that once they are taken to the woods they can leave the pebbles behind them as a trail so that they can find their way home again.


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