A Historiographic Essay

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Since the video was produced, historians have emphasized the ever-changing nature of slavery over a three-hundred year period of North American and world history.

Slavery in the United States is increasingly seen as part of a global economic system that remade the modern world between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Historiographic Essay: Material: The Word document “End of the Cold War, Historiographic Debate” on V-Space.

Task: In the Word document, you will find three essays that make an argument about Ronald Reagan’s role in ending the Cold War.

Others have explored the pervasive and complex psychology of slave ownership, which was governed by an unstable mix of the desire to appear benevolent, the urge to maximize financial investment, and raw fear.

addresses the history of slavery at a specific point in time and place: the American South in the decades leading up to the Civil War.At mid-century, however, in a striking example of how present events shape understandings of the past, historians began to view slavery more critically. Board of Education, the Montgomery bus boycott, and other stirrings of civil rights activism, the view of slavery as a benign, civilizing institution for an inferior race began to crumble.In Gutman's phrase, historians asked a new question: What did slavery do to the slaves?In the past two decades, historians have examined the institution of slavery, and the idea of slave agency, in a variety of ways.Some have considered the different circumstances of slaves owned by whites who possessed large and small numbers of other slaves, while some have focused on the particular conditions under which enslaved women lived and worked as part of white households.The origins and interrelationship of slavery and racism during this period remains an especially rich subject of exploration.In his book Capitalism and Slavery (1944), Eric Williams famously declared that "slavery was not born of racism; rather racism was the consequence of slavery." Echoing that statement, many historians have stressed that North American whites developed African slavery for economic reasons, to solve problems of labor supply, and that race relations remained somewhat fluid as that system of slave labor evolved over the course of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries., ASHP drew upon this new literature to explore slave life in the American South in the 1840s and 1850s.The video examines slavery from the perspective of the slaves themselves.As the research of Kenneth Stampp and others answered, slavery was above all a harsh and profitable system -- so harsh and all-encompassing, according to Stanley Elkins, that it destroyed slaves' African culture and left them passive and dependent on their masters for their culture and identity.In the 1960s, as the civil rights and black power movements increasingly emphasized the pride and resilience of black people in the face of oppression, historians reviewed the history of slavery once again and asked: What did slaves do for themselves?


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