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5 Paragraph Essay Athens-20
For instance, one Athenian myth held that by Ptolemy II Philadelphus.(The iconographic significance of the king’s espousal of Dionysus becomes clear in light of the good evidence that in some sense Alexander the Great had identified himself with Dionysus in Carmania.) Nor was classical Dionysus confined to royal exploitation: it has been shown that the festivals of the City Dionysia at Athens and the deme festival of the Rural Dionysia were closely woven into the life of the Athenian empire and the Athenian state.Psychologists regard it as one of the six primary emotions3. The passage is corrupt, but it is clear that he envisages fear as the 'default setting' for slaves ; attractively emended by Marr, J.

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A conclusion that restates the thesis statement and comments on the significance of the topic.

You should include some commentary that explain the “So what? Essay Question:• Explain the most important differences between Athens and Sparta in their forms of government, economic structure and their cultural values.

(For example a clear thesis that addresses the prompt would look like this; Athens and Sparta were different in their governments because Athens was a ____ and Sparta was a ____, different in economic structure because Athens used ______ while Sparta relied on ____, and different in culture because Athens valued ____ and Sparta valued ____.)II. Body paragraphs that identify the most significant difference between Athens and Sparta in the three areas required, and support it with clearly explained evidence; one quote that describes Athens, and one that describes Sparta. Evidence- facts and primary source quotes, one for each city c.

It is not enough to simply insert a document as evidence, you must interpret and explain it. Explanation- shows how evidence supports the claim V.


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