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i Pod nano 6G is available in 8GB and 16GB versions and carries the price tag of 9 and 9 respectively. The 6g technology haven't been fully revealed yet but the search phrases like what is 6g mobile technology, 6g technology, 6g mobile, 6g network, 6g wiki, 6g technology ppt are getting more familiar with new mobile technology getting evolved.The Google hot trends has rated the term 6g as the 17th most searched word in the search engines.

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Hope to give the latest news on 6g mobile technology and 6g networks. Wireless technologies are at boom nowadays, as they help users to transfer information from one point to another without any effort at part of users.

These technologies are helping us in shortening distances such as millions of kilometers are now shorten into few meters.

The mobile world is racing very fast that the mobile manufacturers on one side make new mobile phones with latest technology which can be categorized into Camera Mobiles, Music Mobiles, Office Mobiles, Touch Mobiles, Mp3 mobiles, Card slot mobiles, FM mobiles, Bluetooth mobiles, GPS mobiles, Games mobiles, 3G mobiles, Wi-Fi mobiles, E-mail mobiles, Qwerty mobiles, Smartphones, Business Mobiles and others.

On the contrary, mobile manufacturers have reduced the mobile prices drastically such that each and every single individual is owning a mobile and it also has become a necessity for better and good communication.

According to Google search engine results, 6g technology is among top 17 most searched keywords today.

Everyone who heard once about it wants to know about its details from some means.But unfortunately there is still nothing available from developers besides some guesses and rough estimations.We all are still waiting to get some authentic information about most heard rumor of the year.Currently 4G technologies are offering 100 Mbps internet speed and it is also improving with time.With 6g devices are expected to move up to 1GB or even more than that.Some sites are also clamming that Apple developers have offered this technology with their new devices like Apple i Pod nano/mini, but Apple manufacturers reject this fact.Because of tough competition in mobile world, everyone wants to own rights of 6g technology as soon as possible.They want to offer more to their customers to stay at number one position in market, and receive targeted sales each year.To give more than expected to their customers, they are also considered about giving new things before competitors.Currently 3G and 4G are most popular around the world, as they are available on almost every mobile device today and people are obsessed with internet speed that these technologies provide.To enhance this experience now developers are considering 5g and 6g broadband access technologies because they will deliver users more than their expectations.


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