4 Week Travel Nurse Assignments

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Despite this, some hospitals choose to deal with this pitfall.

Sometimes a hospital has a dire short-term need for some reason.

It’s important to note that hospitals are the ones driving the shift requirements, not travel nursing companies.

Some hospitals operate with 12 hour shifts, some with 8 hour shifts, some with a combination of the two, and some with 10 hour shifts.

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Many people think that 8 hour shifts are more common in California because the labor laws require overtime to be paid after 8 hours in a day.Determining the contract length you desire is a little more complicated.The vast majority of agencies will handle assignments that are 13 weeks or longer.Furthermore, some hospitals just don’t want to commit to 13 weeks.By committing to fewer weeks they mitigate the risk of overspending in case their census drops and they no longer have a need for the travel nurse. Negotiate travel nursing pay like a PRO with our free e Book.On one hand, a short-term contract presents difficulty for the hospital’s continuity of care.If the travel nurse is only going to be there for 4 weeks, then they’re going to be on the floor for only 3 weeks. And if an orientation is not provided, then it may be difficult for the travel nurse to get acclimated to the floor.Free: Universal Job Application and Credential Management for travelers. Companies tend to dislike short-term contracts unless there is a crisis rate involved.When a contract is for 4, 6, or even 8 weeks, the contract is obviously going to generate less revenue for the company.Shifts and travel nursing contract length are important travel nursing job variables.Different travel nurses will desire to work different shifts and contract lengths.


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